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The Prince Who Never Was

by elmobo



Let me tell you a story...

Once upon a time, in the mystical realm of musical creation, where every note held the power to captivate hearts and craft legends, a seasoned composer with over three decades of experience embarked on an extraordinary journey...

Not too long ago, an invitation of immense significance arrived at his doorstep. A gigantic game developer had summoned the composer to create a unique composition for a game prototype, which was a revival of a cherished game franchise. It was a tale destined to reignite the spirits of gamers far and wide, rekindling the magic of a beloved gaming universe. Filled with hope and inspiration, he eagerly embraced this opportunity to breathe life into his composition.

As his music flowed from his heart, it conjured vibrant landscapes and spun tales of uncharted adventures. The development team warmly embraced his contribution to this creative odyssey.

Soon after, the prototype earned its moment in the spotlight, presented to the Great Briton, who, with a nod, greenlighted the game's development. Talks commenced between the development team and the composer, paving the way for the collaborative effort to craft the complete game soundtrack.

Yet, in this enchanting realm, a faction of powerful and cunning beings known as the "Administrati" served the interests of this imposing game publisher. These beings, with their eerie, almost translucent skin and lifeless, haunting eyes, donned drab gray suits that seemed to sap the very vitality from their forms. With bulbous eyes perpetually fixed on profit margins, they clutched ledgers filled with endless columns, and their skeletal fingers were adorned with gem-studded rings.

Driven solely by self-interest, these Administrati deemed musicians from France as pariahs in the intricate world of gaming. Having weathered similar trials with other game developers and publishers over two decades, the composer understood the unspoken reality of their bias.

As the game began to take shape, the Administrati eyed the composer with suspicion. They convened in shadowy council chambers, successfully conspiring to rid themselves of this French composer who had found his place among them.

Their relentless bias, driven by financial interests and a disregard for artistic integrity, had left a bitter taste in his creative spirit. The composer couldn't help but question whether this was the path he wanted to continue treading.

The conspiracies and intrigues that unfolded behind closed doors, leading to his removal from the project, had shaken his trust in the industry he had devoted his life to. The composer found himself at a crossroads. Should he persist in an industry that often undervalued his artistry, treating him as an outsider due to his nationality? Or should he explore new avenues where his talent and creativity might find more genuine appreciation?

Only time will tell...

In the meantime, here's "The Prince Who Never Was," a boss-fight song you will not hear in the game I will not name.


released September 18, 2023
Composed by elmobo.
Elmobo perfoms guitar, bass, saz, santur and vocals.
The other instruments are sequenced.


all rights reserved



elmobo France

Frederic "Elmobo" Motte, the artist formerly known as Moby. Game music composer since 1989. Yeah baby.

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